Count The Votes California

In November 2013, fieldworkers at Fresno-based Gerawan Farming participated in an election to decertify from the United Farm Workers (UFW) union. Rather than carrying out the will of these workers, the state labor board has held those votes under lock and key and is refusing to count them.

Send a message to Governor Jerry Brown urging him to make the board count those votes. Every worker should have the right to join or leave a union as they see fit.

Send A Letter To

Governor Brown

Consider these points when writing your letter:

  • Gerawan workers voted to disassociate from the UFW in November 2013. Those votes have yet to be counted.
  • Freedoms of speech and assembly are cornerstones of our democracy.
  • Many farm workers come to this country for more freedom and opportunity, not less.
  • Preserve the freedoms of all Californians; make the labor board count the votes at Gerawan.



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